High Purity Water Products

Water For Injection (WFI), USP

Water For Injection (WFI), USP

ILS Water For Injection (WFI) is highly purified water rendered specifically for scientific applications. WFI is delivered in containers with universal connectors to improve our customers experience and protect the integrity of our product.

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Water For Injection, USP/EP Grade

Water For Injection, USP/EP Grade

ILS USP/EP Water for Injection Grade product is manufactured to meet both the USP and EP specifications.

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Water For Irrigation (WIR), USP

Water For Irrigation (WIR), USP

ILS’s Water for Irrigation (WIR), USP is a sterile fluid or solvent that is perfect for buffer preparation where WFI water is not required.

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Purified Water, USP

Purified Water, USP

Our USP Purified Water is available in sterile and non-sterile formats, and complies with the USP monograph for purified water.

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Cell & Molecular Ultra Pure Water

Cell & Molecular Ultra Pure Water

A universal, ultrapure water for your most sensitive research applications. It is suitable for cell culture applications, media and reagent grade preparation.

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Molecular Biology Certified Water

Molecular Biology Certified Water

Our Molecular Grade Water is quality tested and certified RNase, DNase, and protease free.

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Phosphate-Buffered Saline (PBS) 1X w/o Ca & Mg

Phosphate-Buffered Saline (PBS) 1X w/o Ca & Mg

ILS manufactures PBS utilizing USP raw materials formulated in USP Water for Injection quality water.

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Normal Saline, Sodium Chloride, 0.9%

Normal Saline, Sodium Chloride, 0.9%

ILS manufactures Sodium Chloride, 0.9% (w/v) Isotonic Saline utilizing USP grade NaCl and formulated in USP Water For Injection quality water.

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Description Water for Injection, USP/EP Water for Injection, USP Sterile Water for Irrigation, USP Cell & Molecula Ultra Pure Purified Water, USP Sterile Purified Water, USP Non-Sterile Molecular Grade Water Sodium Chloride 0.9%, USP Phosphate-Buffered Saline(PBS)
Standard Size 4L, 20L, 200L 500ml, 1L, 10L, 100L, 200L 500ml, 1L, 4L 20L, 200L 1L 1L, 20L, 200L 1L, 20L, 200L 20L 500ml, 1L 1L
0.2UM Filtration
TOC <500ppb
Endotoxin Tested
Oxidizable Substances
Particulate Matter
RNase, DNase, Protease

Discover the Intermountain Life Sciences Difference

At Intermountain Life Sciences, we are fortunate that all of our high purity water products start with water sourced from the Rocky Mountains; home to some of the best natural water quality on the planet. We use this water to manufacture a complete line of Water For Pharmaceutical Purposes including Water for Injection (WFI), Water for Irrigation (WIR) and purified water (PW) for a wide range of biomanufacturing, medical device processing and scientific research applications. Over the past several years, we have made significant investments in our ability to efficiently deliver the highest quality water at a competitive price, because we understand how vital this resource is to our customers’ diverse processes. All of our water products are manufactured in our new state-of-the-art facility in Salt Lake City, UT. Whether you’re using our water for manufacturing, device processing, cell culture or equipment cleaning, you can be absolutely confident we’re delivering high purity, high performance GMP products.

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High Purity Water Production Facility

Intermountain Life Sciences utilizes our state-of-the-art production facility to manufacture cGMP custom media, purification and process solutions.
Photo of water facility

Addressing the need for a nimble, responsive and cGMP solution provider, Intermountain Life Sciences has expanded our market presence with the commissioning of our state-of-the-art Salt Lake City , Utah manufacturing facility. Focused on the entirety of your work flow needs, our core product offering and custom production services are designed to meet your quality, timing and cost objectives.

Our cGMP and ISO 13485:2016 certified facility was custom designed and built to exceed stringent regulatory and customer expectations. At the heart of the operation is a cutting edge, 9 step, water-for-injection (WFI) purification system. Capable of producing in excess of 20,000 Liters per day, Intermountain Life Sciences offers a highly competitive core portfolio of USP water and USP saline for manufacturing and processing applications. Additional product offerings include ASTM, Cell Culture and Molecular Biology waters with recent expansion into buffered salt solutions. Intermountain Life Sciences strives to leverage our technology, business leadership and logistics to ensure our customers receive their exact needs, when they need it, at a competitive price point.

Our facility and capabilities include:

  • Non-Animal Derived Component Facility
  • Over 20,000L WFI Daily Output
  • 10,000L, 2 x 3000L 650L and 2 x 250L Pharmaceutical Stainless Process Mix Tanks
  • Rigorous Quality Systems:
    • cGMP to FDA 21 CFR 820
    • ISO 13485:2016 Certified
    • FDA Registered
  • Single Use Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Batch to Batch Consistency
  • Industry Leading Manufacturing Times (<6 Weeks Typical)
  • Multi-Compendial Raw Materials and Qualified Suppliers
  • Full COA, SDS, BSE/TSE Statements
  • ISO Classified Fill Suites for Rigid & Bioprocess Containers:
    • Fill Area- ISO 5
    • Fill Suites - ISO 6
    • Chemical Tank Area- ISO 8
  • Wide range of packaging capabilities:
    • Sterile Bioprocess Containers from 1L to 1000L
    • Rigid bottles from 100ml to 4L
    • Cubitainers/Jerrycans
    • IBC’s to 1000L

Our 9 Step Filtration Process

  1. Softening Ion Exchange Filter
  2. Activated Carbon Chlorine Removal
  3. Reverse Osmosis Applied Pressure Filter
  4. Ozonation Disinfection
  5. Mixed Bed Deionization Ion Exchange resin
  6. 254 Nanometer UV Treatment Disinfection
  7. 185 Nanometer Treatment TOC Removal
  8. 0.2UM Micron Filtration Terminal Filter
  9. Terminal Multi-efffect Distillation Evaporation & Condensation Capture
Illustration of 9 step Filtration process
Upstream Downstream

Upstream Expression Systems

Solutions for Mammalian, Yeast, Insect and Bacterial production platforms

  • Classical & Serum Free Media
  • Biological Buffers
  • Sugars & Carbohydrates
  • Inorganic Salts
  • pH control’s
  • Antifoam agents, Surfactants
  • Trace metals, vitamins, amino acids
  • Serum and Proteins

Downstream Purification Processes:

Solutions for Protein, Antibody and Cell/Gene Therapy workflows

  • Water-for-Injection (WFI)
  • Biological Buffers
  • Inorganic Salts
  • pH control’s
  • Chelators
  • Amino Acids
  • Detergents
  • Sugars & Carbohydrates
  • Cleaning/Storage solutions
  • ETOH & Benzyl Alcohol

Taking care of your every need

Photo of High Purity Water facility

Focused on quality, we are committed to working closely with our customers to understand your needs, and providing the product outcome to exceed your expectations and timing requirements. Our proven manufacturing experience allows ILS to deliver the user experience you need, so you can stay focused on your next major breakthrough. From R&D to commercial manufacturing, let Intermountain be your trusted partner.

Get a hold of us to discuss more about how our High Purity Water Products will transform your business.