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Addressing the need for cGMP media and buffer preparation, Intermountain Life Sciences (ILS) has emerged as an innovative, responsive and quality driven outsourcing partner. Driven by our complex customer applications, ILS utilizes our state-of-the-art Salt Lake City production site to provide large volume process liquids, to exacting standards, allowing ease of integration in today’s diverse manufacturing platforms.

Solution outsourcing allows customers to focus on the science and complex manufacturing strategies needed for today’s cutting edge therapeutics. Eliminating the extensive CapEx, infrastructure and validation required to prepare process fluids allows companies to efficiently progress through clinical trials and achieve market approval quicker.

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GMP Process solutions for your entire bioprocessing workflow

With the largest lot size liquid capabilities in the industry and over 60,000L/Day of WFI production, Intermountain Life Sciences is removing the hurdles of large volume liquid outsourcing. Strategically focused on Bioprocessing, ILS can meet your most demanding Upstream and Downstream requirements allowing an efficient path to commercialization.

Sterile Water for Injection

At Intermountain Life Sciences, we are fortunate that our Water for Injection systems are fed with water sourced from the Rocky Mountains; home to some of the highest quality natural water on the planet.

At the heart of the operation are cutting edge, 9 step Water for Injection (WFI) purification systems, capable of producing in excess of 60,000 Liters per day. The manufacturing process is fully validated to multi-compendial requirements with defined quality water standards including sampling and system controls. We utilize this Water for injection for all of our custom manufacturing applications.

In addition, ILS offers a highly competitive core portfolio of Water For Pharmaceutical Purposes including USP and EP compendial Water for Injection in sizes of 500mL bottles to 200L drums for manufacturing applications.

Uncompromised Quality

A comprehensive Quality System is the foundation of Intermountain Life Sciences. In order to serve today’s stringent outsourcing requirements, ILS’ quality and validation programs ensure a highly defined manufacturing process to consistently deliver a quality product lot after lot.

ISO 13485:2016

The International Standard for a Quality Management System for Medical Devices.

ISO 5 Aseptic Filling

Industry Leading Clean Room Filling for Aseptic manufacturing.


Industry Leading digital Quality Management System (QMS).


Industry Leading digital control over component weighing and formulation.

Animal Component Free (ACF)

Completely Animal Component Free Facility.

Closed System Filling

Closed system manifold filling for Bioprocess Containers.

Supplier Qualification

An integrated supplier qualification process to mitigate the associated risks of raw materials.

Guided by Passion, Quality and Excellence, let Intermountain be your trusted partner.

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