Custom Process Solutions

Intermountain Life Sciences has extensive manufacturing experience supplying a broad spectrum of cell culture and purification process solutions for today’s critical Bio-Therapeutic manufacturing workflows. Our fully validated facility offers lot sizes to 14,000L while operating under a comprehensive Quality program. Let Intermountain be your collaborative outsourcing solution.

Industry-leading Batch Sizes from 50L to 14,000L

As Biotherapeutic manufacturing has adopted an outsourcing model for process fluids utilized in the entire workflow, Intermountain Life Sciences has expanded our manufacturing capabilities and scale to best serve the diverse requirements needed for successful manufacturing strategies.

With an industry leading 14,000L maximum lot size, 60,000L/Day of Water for Injection and the ability to package solutions from 100mL to 1000L, ILS is well positioned to meet the requirements of emerging cell, gene and biologic therapies.

Formulation Tank Sizes

14,000L 10,000L 2 x 3,000L 600L 2 x 250L

Bottled Liquids

1,000mL to 4L
PET & HDPE Bottles

Bagged Containers

1L to 1,000L
Flexible Bioprocess Containers

Bulk Containers

20L to 1,000L

Extensive Raw Material Supply Chain

Leveraging best-in-class raw materials

Providing Solutions for Your Entire Bioprocessing Workflow

Custom Manufacturing Product Process Flow

Leveraging our extensive experience, our team of bioprocess and regulatory experts will work with you to to leverage our technology, business leadership and logistics to ensure our customers receive their exact needs, when they need it, at a competitive price point.
  1. Specification Submission
  2. Feasibility assessment
  3. Quote generation
  4. Final approval
  5. Manufacturing
  6. QC Testing / Release
  7. Delivery

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